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Seattle's Chinatown-International District

One of USA's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

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Despite decades of destructive actions, policies and disinvestment, Seattle's CID persists. 

The history of Seattle’s Chinatown International District is a timeline of destructive government actions and disinvestment, side-by-side with a legacy of bold entrepreneurial investments by immigrants from across Asia. Policies were written to prioritize white settlers, which displaced Native communities and treated non-white settlers as transient labor rather than equal members of the community. The legacy of CID is one of persistence, self-reliance, joy and creating community in the face of strong opposition.

A History of Harmful Government Actions

Bold investments NOW.

CID residents have a history and reputation of turning to each other to fight for a thriving existence. The treasured neighborhood of today exists because of this drive, and in spite of waves of harmful policy and actions. Today, now, we ask the Seattle, Sound Transit, and Washington State to invest in the community based-organizations that have been doing the work on affordable housing, public safety, assisting small businesses, and social supports that provide quality of life.

“Across the country, other Chinatowns have disappeared or are disappearing. To prevent that from happening here in Seattle, we must put progressive, community-centric values into policy and program interventions that start upstream.”

Asian Pacific Americans for Civic Engagement (APACE) PAC

Let’s Work Together

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