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Pier 48

A Complex History and a Critical Time to Move Forward

The last vacant lot on the Seattle waterfront is more than just a development opportunity. It is a location that carries memories of Native settlements, economic development and environmental changes by white settlers, and a history of efforts by those settlers to erase the natives and non-whites who sought to make their lives in Seattle.

Photo below courtesy of MOHAI, "Indian encampment on Ballast Island at the Seattle waterfront, ca. 1900-American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, image portion - University of Washington Digital Collections.


HSD was seeking funding in the state legislature in 2023 to insure that the future of the Pier 48 site is designed by and for the communities in south downtown, re-engaging Pioneer Square, the Chinese American community, and native communities around the future of Pier 48. If you would like to be involved as we figure out how to move forward, please email us!

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