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Historic South Downtown is…

The Historic South Downtown Community Preservation & Development Authority (“HSD”) is a state-created agency responsible for preserving, restoring, and promoting the health, safety, and cultural identity of Seattle’s Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District neighborhoods.

HSD was created by the Washington State Legislature as the first community preservation and development authority in the state to respond to impacts from ongoing construction of major public facilities, public works, and capital projects in both neighborhoods. It is governed by a board of thirteen volunteer and elected directors that represent community stakeholders from Chinatown-International District, Pioneer Square and local legislature

HSD Brochure

Read HSD’s 2018 Brochure and 2018-21 Strategic Plan  to learn more about upcoming funding opportunities and our work in the Historic South Downtown neighborhoods.


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     HSD Strategic Plan

HSD Strategic Plan 2018 to 2021 (approved 6 26 18)

Kế hoạch chiến lược HSD 2018 đến 2021 đã được phê duyệt 6-26-18.pdf

下载简体中文HSD战略计划 6-26-18.pdf (SC)

HSD-戰略計劃,2018至2021認證,6-26-18.pdf (TC)