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HSD supports community self-determination through advocacy and policy work at all levels of government.

Light Rail Expansion in the CID + PSQ

Ballard Link Extension

Voters approved the ST3 expansion in 2016. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was released for comments January - April 2022.

Photo to the left is a stock photo of the interior barrel vault of Union Station, built in 1910.

The Future of Pier 48

Deciding the Future of the Last Open Space on the Waterfront

HSD is committed to a full public engagement and neighborhood involvement process for deciding the future of pier 48, recognizing its importance in Seattle's history.

Photo to the right courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives, item 24220, 1952 photo of the Seattle skyline taken from the ferry.

Jackson Hub on Smith Tower view.jpg

Jackson Hub

the area around King Street and Union Stations

Includes current discussions with the City, King County Metro, and Sound Transit

Photo to the left taken from Smith Tower, 8/11/2022, by HSD

Emerging Policy Initiatives

Watch for what's next

We are prepared to assist our communities to survive and thrive.

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