Current Advocacy Work

West Seattle Ballard Link Extension (WSBLE)
What happens now?

Now that the comment period is over, Sound Transit staff will assemble all the public comments. There will be workshops for the Board in May, during which the Sound Transit Board will review public comments and listen to staff evaluations.

In June, and maybe July, the ST Board System Expansion Committee will review the material and address the question of finalizing preferred alternatives in each segment. System Expansion will then forward the question to the entire Board, again in June or July. As of May 10th, Sound Transit confirms the Board will be discussing comments in JULY.

JULY ST Meetings:

System Expansion July 14th 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Board of Directors July 28rd 1:30 - 4 p.m.

HSD's Transit Tuesdays Newsletters

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Station Planning

Station Planning report -- we find that many people find it easier to orient themselves with this shorter report.

The Draft EIS

We think these sections are particularly important for our neighbors to read:

[link goes to the beginning, where this concept is defined. Please also look at pages 49 (map), 50 (CID segment), 53 (demographics), 58-59 (property acquisition), 61-64 (construction impacts), 71-72 (operations impacts)]

  • Cumulative Impacts (24 pages)

  • If you learn better through hearing or seeing the project, you can watch Community Advisory Group meetings on Sound Transit's YouTube. Info for Historic South Downtown is in the SODO/CID CAG.

Beyond Sound Transit

The Seattle City Council is also a permitting agency for the project. We believe that WSBLE will be on the agenda May 17th, either at the transportation committee meeting at 9:30 am, or at the full city council meeting at 2 pm that day. Links when we have details.

Helpful Links

Sound Transit's official "online open house" has loads of information: