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Chinatown International District

The Chinatown International District or “CID” east of Pioneer Square and includes Japantown (Nihonmachi), Filipinotown, and Little Saigon. It is the city's 3rd Chinatown, developed after the Jackson Street regrade in 1908.


The history of the Chinatown-International District is inextricably tied to the history of Asian settlement in Washington and is characterized by alternating periods of immigration and deportation, cultural fluorescence, and racial discrimination. In essence, the district’s history is the story of the efforts of Asian Americans to build their home.

Key attractions include numerous historical and cultural landmarks, dining, diverse shopping, and multicultural and multilingual festivities and experiences.

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Map below is an aerial photo taken in 1937 by the King County Road Services. Stock photo of Hing Hay Park pagoda above.

1937 PSQ CID KingCountyRoadServices-MapVault-20220829-33291-page-001.jpg

CID planning work

CID Neighborhood Strategic Plan 2022-2032


CID Vision Group

CID Neighborhood Lighting Study



Charles Street Campus Relocation Analysis Master Plan Study


SHKS Architects

Seattle Chinatown international District: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Visit slide deck


CID Organizations

Chinatown International District Toxics Study, Community Report


Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Chinatown-International District Public Safety Task Force Report


City of Seattle

Seattle Chinatown-International District 2020 Healthy Community Action Plan


InterIm CDA

Little Saigon 2020 Action Plan, Years 1 & 2



Measuring Neighborhood Air Pollution: The Case of Seattle's International District


Alon Bassok, Phil Hurvitz, Christine Bae, Timothy Larson

CID Community Response to Livable South Downtown recommendations


Vision 2030 (CID Neighborhood Group)

Vision 2030 Coalition: One unified vision from within (brochure)


CID organizations

Chinatown/International District Strategic Plan


City of Seattle

Chinatown/International District Community Development Plan


City of Seattle

Little Saigon Landmark Project Feasibility Study

Friends of Little Saigon

Neighborhood Partners

City of Seattle links

Selected History Links

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