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Sound Transit Light Rail Expansion



  • Thurs 2/23/23, ST Board of Directors

    • 1:30-4 pm (link)​

  • Thursday 3/9/23, ST System Expansion Committee, 1:30-4 pm (link)

  • Thurs 3/23/23, ST Board of Directors

    • 1:30-4 pm (link)​


July 28, 2022 Sound Transit Board Motion

On July 28th, the Sound Transit Board passed a resolution that split the West Seattle line (with a preferred alternative route) and the Ballard line (no preferred alternative yet).

Here's the press release.

The section pertinent to the CID segment is below:

"In the Chinatown/International District segment, further study and engagement between community and agency partners focused on the shallow CID station and alignment options will seek to collectively address remaining questions, minimize potential impacts and maximize community benefits through design, mitigation approaches and/or as part of broader partnerships. This work will include exploring how to create an integrated, well-connected hub for all modes of transportation, opportunities to enhance ridership and access, activation and/or modified uses of Union Station and the adjacent plaza, as well as funding and cost savings opportunities. The study should include concepts requested by community and agency partners, including but not limited to work to define a 4th Avenue shallow tunnel option with the goal of maximizing benefits while minimizing costs and impacts."

West Seattle Ballard Link Extension (WSBLE)
Helpful Links

Sound Transit's official "online open house" has loads of information: 

The Draft EIS

We think these sections are particularly important for our neighbors to read:

[link goes to the beginning, where this concept is defined. Please also look at pages 49 (map), 50 (CID segment), 53 (demographics), 58-59 (property acquisition), 61-64 (construction impacts), 71-72 (operations impacts)]

  • Cumulative Impacts (24 pages)

  • If you learn better through hearing or seeing the project, you can watch Community Advisory Group meetings on Sound Transit's YouTube. Info for Historic South Downtown is in the SODO/CID CAG.

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