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Pier 48 Community Coalition

The last vacant lot on the Seattle waterfront is more than just a development opportunity. It is a location with a layered history of Salish settlements, White settlement, economic development and environmental changes, and a complex story of race and class relations throughout the story of Seattle.

While work is completed on Alaskan Way and the Waterfront, Historic South Downtown is coordinating a discussion on the future of the waterfront.

The Pier 48 Coalition meets every six weeks in Pioneer Square (with a hybrid meeting option. If you would like to be involved as we figure out how to move forward, please email us!

Photo courtesy of MOHAI, "Indian encampment on Ballast Island at the Seattle waterfront, ca. 1900-American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, image portion - University of Washington Digital Collections.

DRAFT Purpose Statement

last updated 11 January 2024:

The Pier 48 Community Coalition shepherds the timely redevelopment of Pier 48, focusing on cultural heritage, public space, low carbon regional transportation, and environmental stewardship. By centering community voices, prioritizing Coast Salish communities with cultural connections to Dzidzilalich and identifying sustainable funding sources for the construction and maintenance, we will create an economically sustainable project that will be built on a timeline that reflects the urgency of the needs of the waterfront community. 

Coalition Meetings









The brief history slide show above was created for HSD's Instagram in 2023.

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