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Sine Die 2024


On the last day of the 2024 Washington State Legislative Session, we are disappointed to report that HB 1510 – a bill that would’ve brought sustainable financial resources to Pioneer Square and Chinatown International District for the next ten years – did not make it through the concurrence process and died today.

We are proud of the wins we are bringing home to our historical districts. This is the farthest a sustainable funding bill for HSD has made it in the legislature. We are hopeful for next session and look forward to meeting with lawmakers in the interim.

Additionally, technical changes in the budget this session gives us more flexibility without our current allocation, which may allow us to investment in our partners in our community.

HSD is grateful for the support of our community and legislative champions. HB 1510 successfully passed both chambers because our community was rallying at our backs! HB 1510 wouldn’t have made it this far without the advocacy from our neighborhood’s lawmakers in the 34th and 37th Legislative Districts. Special thanks to Senators Saldaña, Nguyễn, Hasegawa, Lovelett, Lovick, Robinson and Randall, and Representatives Santos, Fitzgibbon, Alvarado and Street.

Thank you! 多謝 Salamat po!

Cảm ơn! t̕igʷicid

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