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The Historic South Downtown Community Preservation & Development Authority is a state-created agency responsible for preserving, restoring, and promoting the health, safety, and cultural identity of Seattle’s Pioneer Square and Chinatown International District neighborhoods. HSD was created by the Washington State Legislature as the first community preservation and development authority in the state. HSD exists to respond to impacts from ongoing construction of major public projects in both neighborhoods. It is governed by a board of thirteen volunteer and elected directors that represent community stakeholders from Chinatown International District, Pioneer Square and local legislature. As the first CPDA in the State of Washington, HSD participates in the formation and success of new CPDAs as they develop.


HSD is funded by a combination of direct allocations from the State of Washington and some County and City investments. Between 2019 and 2022, HSD granted about $7.5M to local organizations and projects, including $550,000 in additional emergency funding during the first year of the pandemic. Our grant making program is distinguished by its intense focus on neighborhood self-determination of the issues to be addressed and the solutions necessary to address them. Similarly, our advocacy work focuses on elevating the voices of the neighborhood, helping to ensure issues in these communities are addressed based on the interests, ideas and priorities of those who live, work and play in the historic neighborhoods of South Downtown. We seek to bring an equity focus to all we do.

Current Job Opportunities at HSD

Working at HSD

Working at HSD combines the challenges of a dynamic, community-centered organization, bringing resources to support two of the most iconic neighborhoods in Seattle.

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