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Totem Star

HSD Funded Projects:

Pioneer Square

King Street Station Studio

Totem Star supports a diverse community of young recording artists learning music and life skills through mentorship and meaningful relationships. They envision a more just society where all young people have access to music learning opportunities and where youth voice is championed in support of healthy, engaged, and productive young people using music as a universal language.

Their work in the studio and on the stage fosters growth in collaboration, leadership, and self-identity.

Totem Star Founders Thadius and Daniel have dedicated their time to creating a space and community where young people can truly be themselves. Since its founding in 2010, Totem Star has worked with 3,500 plus recording artists all around the region. In 2018, the organization began to seek a larger recording space where their youth artists could join together after school to create a record music. Due to the commute time of the students, it was essential that the new hub was transit accessible: the second floor of King Station a perfect location to break ground on Totem Star’s new home.

Construction is anticipated to be complete by Fall 2022.

“When the money came in it was a jump start. Since receiving the grant in Summer 2020, Totem Star has hit the million dollar mark of fundraising, halfway to our overall goal. We have an amazing team of artists and community partners who have partnered on the design, construction, and renovation of the space. It’s been amazing how much the community has become involved with the project. Totem Star may look like a recording studio for young people, but at the end of the day it’s a family. That’s what keeps us strong and intentional.”
-David Pak, Totem Star Executive Director & Co-Founder

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