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Spark the Parks

HSD Funded Projects:


Air Filteration Fans

Seeing a need for park activation in the CID, Spark the Parks seeks to use green spaces to promote environmental education, the arts and storytelling, and public health and safety.
Grounded in their passion to help people feel safe in our neighborhood parks, Spark the Parks focuses on humane efforts to build community rather than pushing people out of these shared spaces. After receiving funding from HSD, founder Chris Liu and his team could successfully implement their mission. Their team brings people into these green spaces regularly through events, community outreach programs, and supplies distribution to displaced populations residing in the parks.
Another Spark the Parks project is their filter fan initiative. Out of concern for the health and safety of elders during the Seattle wildfires, Spark the Parks partnered with local businesses and volunteers to create and distribute air filtration systems easily installable in apartments around the neighborhood.
“Working with HSD has been so rewarding and a great partnership. A big part of us being able to build these filter fans was their willingness for us to easily shift funds to whatever immediate needs come up in the neighborhood.”
-Chris Liu, Spark the Parks Founder

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