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OneWorld Now!

HSD Funded Projects:


Operations Support
COVID-19 Relief

A youth development organization based in the CID. OneWorld Now! promotes global citizenship in youth through a combination of world language learning, leadership workshops, and study abroad opportunities.

OneWorld Now! Has particularly benefited from HSD’s willingness to reroute project funding depending on the needs of the community. When COVID-19 hit, funds from HSD made it possible from OneWorld Now! To transition all of their programs online without missing a single class session. Another project that HSD funding was directed toward was the mural restoration on the playfield at Chong Wa Benevolent Association.

The mural in the Chong Wa playfield which depicts scenes of the CID was originally painted as part of a children’s art contest in the early 1990s. The mural remained standing undisturbed until in recent years it was covered over by graffiti to the point that the artwork was obscured. Three years ago, OneWorld Now! & Chong Wa Benevolent Association decided it would be a great opportunity for their students to restore the mural to its original condition.

With funding and support from HSD in Summer 2021, the organizations joined together over a long weekend in July with a group of professional artists, students, and community members to completely restore the mural to its original condition.

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