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Chief Seattle Club

HSD Funded Projects:

Pioneer Square

ʔálʔal Together
Fortson Square
Native Square
COVID-19 Relief

Hundreds of years of colonization, systemic racism, broken treaties, forced reservations, and more have resulted in Native peoples making up a startling 15% of Seattle’s homeless population. Seattle has one of the most staggering homelessness crises in the US, and thousands of urban Native peoples are impacted by homelessness every day, right here in our backyard.

Chief Seattle Club was created to change this reality. For over 50 years CSC has served the Native Seattle community, growing their capacity to support their relatives with hot meals, vocational rehabilitation, temporary and permanent housing, community arts, and more. In 2020, the Club served 1,374 unduplicated members from over 200 different tribal nations in Turtle Island. Chief Seattle Club members trust in the organization to provide holistic, culturally appropriate, and trauma-informed support, 365 days a year.

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