List of Application Questions – these questions are provided as a resource for you to create your application in the style that best works for you. You must submit your answers online, or in an in-person (via zoom) format. Do not send your answers as an attachment to an email.

Part I Applicant Info

Date Project Begins/Began* Character Limit: 10

Expected Project End* Character Limit: 10

All HSD funds must be expended and final reports submitted no later than 11/15/2022. No exceptions can be made.

I certify that this funding will be expended and a final report submitted no later than 11/15/2022* HSD’s funding source does not allow extensions for this funding. Choices Yes No

Will you be using a fiscal sponsor?* You do not need to have identified the fiscal sponsor at the time of application, but will need their information before signing the contract. Choices Yes No

Presentation Style* HSD allows organizations to present their grant request in person (via Zoom until further notice) or in writing. If you would like to submit your grant application in person, you will be asked to submit the basic application information, and to select times to present. Choices I will complete and submit the written application via this form I wish to submit my application in person Application

NOTE: In person applicants must still submit the project basics, and must be prepared to present answers to all the questions in the Project Detail section below.

Part II Project Basics

Project Name* Name of Project — should be unique and include an identifier such as your organization or building/site name Character Limit: 100

Short Project Description*Two to five sentences summarizing your project. Character Limit: 250

Project Category* Pick the category that best describes your project. Choices Business Development Capacity for Local Organizations Culture/History Public Realm

Neighborhood Served* Chose one or both. Choices Pioneer Square Chinatown-International District

Type of Funding Requested* Select one. Choices Capital Operating

Part III Chinatown International District

Operating Costs Grant Amount Requested* May not exceed $35,000 Character Limit: 20

Chinatown International District Capital Grant Amount Requested* May not exceed $35,000 Character Limit: 20

Total Cost of Project* Character Limit: 20

PART VI Presentation Style

Presentation Style Applicants who wish to present their application in an oral format should be prepared to present answers to the questions listed in the Project Details section.

You will need to have access to a computer, along with reliable internet access and the ability to be heard and hear. Please contact if this creates a barrier for you.

Available Times to Present* Pick up to three time slots on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20TH.

The applicant understands they will need to appear via Zoom, to present the answers listed in the Written Application section. Presentations may last about 10 minutes and the panel may ask questions. You will be notified of a confirmed time slot by email after the application closes. Please keep these times available until your presentation time is confirmed.

Choices 10:00 am -10:30 am

10:30 am – 11:00 am

11:00 am – 11:30 am

11:30 am – 12:00 pm

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Do you need an interpreter? Choices Yes, Cantonese Yes, Mandarin Yes, Vietnamese Yes, Other No If other, please specify Character Limit: 100

Project Budget* Please write out or upload your budget. An uploaded table or spreadsheet is preferred. Character Limit: 1000 | File Size Limit: 2 MB

Part V Fiscal Sponsor Have you already identified your fiscal sponsor?* HSD accepts applications from fiscally sponsored organizations and groups for projects that serve our geographic area. It is not necessary for you to have identified your sponsor in order to apply. However, if your grant is successful. it will be necessary for you to have a signed fiscal sponsor agreement in order to sign your contract and receive funding.

Choices Yes No

Fiscal Sponsor Name Questions 12-17 apply if there is a Fiscal Sponsor. If you do not yet have a fiscal sponsor identified, you may leave the rest of this section blank, but note that this is the information you will need from a fiscal sponsor if your application is funded. Character Limit: 250

Fiscal Sponsor Address Street, City, State, Zip Code Character Limit: 100

Fiscal Sponsor Executive Director Character Limit: 250 Fiscal Sponsor Website Character Limit: 2000

Fiscal Sponsor Contact Email Character Limit: 254 Fiscal Sponsor Phone Number Character Limit: 250

Fiscal Sponsor EIN Character Limit: 250

Part VI Project Details – In Person Applicants’ presentations should answer these questions

Lead Applicant Mission* Character Limit: 250 Partnership Information Are you working with partners on this project? Please describe the partnership, how it adds value to the proposed outcomes, and any other information you think we need to understand the partnership. Then, please upload letters of agreement from the top two lead partners (other than applicant). Letters must reference the name of the project, a brief statement of their role in the project, contact information for the partner, and signature of their lead administrative officer. Character Limit: 500 | File Size Limit: 2 MB

Lead Applicant’s Experience in South Downtown (10% of total score)* Describe the Lead Applicant’s experience understanding and addressing the issues they seek to impact with HSD funding in one or both neighborhoods served by Historic South Downtown. Character Limit: 500

Project Impact on South Downtown (35% of the score)* Describe the project for which you are seeking funding. Be sure to describe specifically how the project serves constituencies in Historic South Downtown and the long-term impacts that will remain after HSD funds are expended. If your project serves constituencies throughout the region, focus your answer only on its impact within the physical boundaries of Historic South Downtown as defined here: Chinatown-International District and Pioneer Square. Character Limit: 2500

HSD VALUES HSD’s Board of Directors defined the values below to inform our work and our partnership with the people in the communities we serve. They are: 1. Equity. Mitigate historic racial and social inequity and model equity in work and impact. 2. Neighborhood Self-determination. Advocate for Chinatown-International District and Pioneer Square to exercise self-determination with regards to our character, future, needs and wants. 3. Continuous Learning. Rooted in history and remain responsive to our changing neighborhoods. 4. Accountability. Act transparently and maximize the potential of our assets to benefit our community. 5. Resiliency. Respond to opportunities and threats while maintaining mission focus.

Relationship to HSD Values (25% of score)* Describe how your project promotes and supports HSD’s values, listed above. Character Limit: 1500

Benchmarks (10% of score)*

List at least 3 potential benchmarks, including timeline, to measure the progress of this proposed project toward delivering the benefits described above. Please note, your benchmarks will become the basis for the scope of work of your contract, if your grant is approved. Character Limit: 1000

Additional Funders (5% of score)* What other funders are providing support for this project? Please list those who have committed support, and sources of funding you are seeking. If necessary, upload a separate file. Character Limit: 500 | File Size Limit: 2 MB

Budget Narrative (10% of score)*

Project Budget Narrative. In addition to your detailed project budget attachment, include a narrative that explains how HSD funding works within your overall funding plan. Use this space to explain the challenges you face in funding your project. If your total project length exceeds our time limitations for this grant, but you know you will expend all HSD funds on time, please explain that here. Be aware that partial funding may be awarded by HSD’s Community Review Panel. You may use this space to explain if there is a negative impact of partial funding. Character Limit: 1000

Project Budget (5% of score)* File Size Limit: 5 MB

Annual Budget (for operating funds, it can be the same as project budget)* File Size Limit: 5 MB

List of Board Members and Affiliations* If you are using a Fiscal Agent, please write N/A Character Limit: 500

Most recent audited financial statements File Size Limit: 10 MB

Most recent 990 File Size Limit: 10 MB

Additional Material You may upload any additional material you feel will be helpful in understanding your proposal. File Size Limit: 5 MB

Additional Information Is there anything else you think we should know? Character Limit: 350

Timeline Disqualification Thank you for your interest. Based upon the timing of your project we are unable to accept your application. If you would like to reconfigure your project, or select a different project that fits within our time limits, we welcome you to begin again. If you have questions, please contact

Total Cost of Project Character Limit: 20