2016 Board of Directors

Kevin Geiger
Position 1: Business Owner, Pioneer Square
Affiliation: Owner, Blue Wave Politics
Election Date: 11/2014
Term Expiration: 2016

Currently Vacant
Position 2: Business, Chinatown/ID

Nancy Fulwiler
Position 3: Resident, Pioneer Square
Affiliation: Resident
Election Date: 4/2017
Term Expiration: 2019

Al Poole
Position 4: Resident, Chinatown/ID
Affiliation: Resident
Election Date: 11/2013, 2014
Term Expiration: 2017

Liz Stenning, Secretary
Position 5: Non-profit, Pioneer Square
Affiliation: Alliance of Pioneer Square
Election Date: 11/2011, 11/2014, 11/2015
Term Expiration: 2017

Maiko Winkler-Chin, Interim President
Position 6: Non-profit, Chinatown/ID
Affiliation: Seattle Chinatown-ID PDA
Election Date: 11/2013; 2015
Term Expiration: 2017

Jim Kelly
Position 7: Arts, Pioneer Square
Affiliation: 4Culture
Election Date: 11/2013
Term Expiration: 2015

Wren Wheeler, Treasurer
Position 8: Arts, Chinatown/ID
Affiliation: Wing Luke Museum
Election Date: 11/2015
Term Expiration: 2017

Currently Vacant
Position 9: Culture/History, Pioneer Square

Currently Vacant
Position 10: History/Culture

Tom Sang-gu Im
Position 11: Non-profit/Planning, Chinatown/ID
Affiliation: INTERIM Community Development
Election Date: 11/2015, 1/2016
Term Expiration: 2017

Heidi Hall, Vice President
Position 12: City of Seattle
Affiliation: Office of Economic Development
Election Date: 11/2015
Term Expiration: 2017

Chris Arkills
Position 13: Local Legislative
Transportation Policy Advisor
Affiliation: Office of King County Executive Dow Constantine
Election Date: 11/2014, 2016
Term Expiration: 2018